Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Down to the wire

So the last week has been a little hectic...

Wednesday - talk to Consulate and decide $0.65 stamp will get visa back to me in time. Then remember that Monday is Veteran's Day and it won't get it to me in time. So I send a DHL overnight envelope through the Cintas mail room (and get the company rates so I only have to pay $14.00 for there and back.)

Wednesday night - Happy Hour at the Irish pub down the street with friends from work and goodbye party for me.

Friday - Visa arrives!!! Last day of work! I still manage to have a couple of meetings, finish an account review, write a memo, and run some sales reports before I leave early and do some more packing.

Saturday - Fly to VA to see my papa (that's grandfather in hick) before I leave. It gets a little "cloudy" on the way there. So much so that we have to radio flight service and figure out what to do because Dad is VFR only, or visual flight rules. That means we're stuck on top because he can't legally fly through the clouds. We ended up diverting to TN and spending 4 hours at the airport there before it clears up enough that we can land in VA.

Sunday - Sister and brother-in-law are up from Louisville. We hang out and then go to the Thanksgiving Dinner at church. One of the deacons is a semi-professional photographer and takes a family portrait since this will be our last chance for awhile (and since we've gained three new people in the last six months!)

Monday - move the rest of my stuff from the apartment. Have several arguments with my father on where everything is going to go. Hurt my knee moving my gargantuan mattress. I get a voicemail from my roommate that evening that says, "I miss you already. I think you should come home." :-(

Today - pack, pack, pack, write some on exchange fic, pack. Call credit card company. Call bank. Stop by doctor's office to pick up script. Get pictures developed. Buy more space bags. Have dinner with roommate. Watch House. That's the plan anyway...

The next time I post I'll be in Japan!!!

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