Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Am so tired. It's only a few degrees below hellfire and there is no AC at my elementary schools, so naturally a good day to do a lesson that involves singing and dancing. Most of My kids were so cute doing it. I gave out stickers for the best dancers which was a good incentive. Was cracking up laughing at my last class. They were soooo into it.

Am still frustrated with the second grade teacher at this school. It's a different woman than before but even still she refuses to translate or help me out about as much as the other woman did. At least this lady stays in the classroom though. The last teacher would leave me with 38 crazy seven year olds by myself. If Japanese students weren't so well-trained I might have slit my wrists by now, but it's still difficult trying to get a game played right. I even showed her the instructions written in Japanese today and did she relay these instructions to the class? No.

Going to dinner with annoying co-worker tonight and then that's the last I'll see of him since he's going back to the US for good. I go home Thursday for a six week holiday before returning to teach one more year (maybe one more, maybe two, we'll see!) Am so excited to see family and friends. My nephew is no longer the scrawny one month old baby that I left and is now a porky 10 month old who likes to smile and blow raspberries.

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