Thursday, September 24, 2009

Robot Ramen

Last week I was in Nagoya with my friend Kristin, who was visiting all the way from Chicago, when we stopped at Fa-men, a restaurant where two robots make the ramen. If you think that Japan is a crazy exotic land where toilets talk to you and robots feed you ramen then you are absolutely right. And we got to experience that firsthand. It was pretty awesome. Or as the Japanese would say "SUGOI!"

And the ramen is pretty good too.

And on top of all that they are inspirational robots!

More from Kristin's visit later.


  1. Where's the picture of YOU eating robot ramen? :-)

    I miss the robots! But I miss you more. hee!

  2. Wait, I just looked at my photos and don't have it either! I know I took video at first, but I took a picture, too, right? Oh noes!

  3. Hey! I'm glad you found it. Pretty cool, huh? I should post my videos too. Did you get to see the knife fight?

  4. Yes and thank you so much for the directions! It was the highlight of our stop in Nagoya (especially since the castle was so disappointing.)

    There was a KNIFE fight??? I have to go back now. All they did when we were there was cook ramen.