Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Let it Snow

On the first snow of the year my mom always calls up my grandma and before she can even say much more than hello, my mom launches into a rendition of the song "Let it snow." When I moved out I used to do the same thing to her. Except now I don't really get snow in Tahara. Sometimes a few flurries will swirl around but nothing ever sticks. And we never get snow like they are getting back home this week.

So the only way I was getting any snow was of the symbolic kind, so when we went to Maeda-sensei's house for a calligraphy lesson two weeks ago, I chose the word yuki to write. The top half written by itself means "rain." The bottom half changes it to "snow."

I liked writing this kanji. This one, like "mother" last time, is a beginner kanji so there weren't too many strokes. But Maeda-sensei for some reason also wanted me to write it in hirigana ゆき but the first character ゆ proved to be really difficult. I won't even post my results because it was really that bad. Afterwards, we had tea and cookies and chatted about the upcoming winter vacation. It was another relaxing Saturday afternoon calligraphy lesson.



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