Monday, February 15, 2010

My Japanese twin

Almost since I stepped off the plane here in Japan people have told me how much I look like a popular Japanese singer, Angela Aki. I had no idea who that was so I just smiled and nodded (this is my response to almost everything here in Japan now that I think about it.) I finally looked her up on wikipedia after my students started saying "Good morning, Angela" instead of "Good morning, Jennifer."

I guess I see the resemblance but I still think it's mostly the glasses. And then last spring we sang her song Tegami in chorus. I really like the song and since it's right in my range it's one of my karaoke standards now. My Japanese friends love to hear me sing in Japanese and with enough beer in them it's almost like their own personal Angela Aki concert. ;-)

What do you think? Were Angela and I separated at birth?

1 comment:

  1. You really do look like her! I loved the song even though I have NO IDEA what it's about. She has an incredible voice and the music was beautiful. :)