Saturday, June 21, 2008

Dinner with the mayor

Just got back from dinner at the mayor's house. It's only nine o'clock and I'm pretty tipsy, but the food was freakin fantastic - the absolute best sashimi since I've been here and an ebi mayo to die for. Plus lots of wine and sake, hence the near drunkeness. The new director of the board of education used to be an English teacher so he played the part of translator most of the afternoon. He's pretty entertaining by himself, even more as the alchohol kept coming.

The mayor also seems very sweet. I met him in Georgetown before I came to Japan and he said I seemed so very nervous at the time. He was relieved to see me so relaxed and happy now. He thought I would want to leave Japan because maybe I wasn't happy here. He kept asking me questions, like was I having a good time, was I happy, did I have Japanese friends? Yes, yes, and yes were my answers. Overall a very nice day.

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