Sunday, June 1, 2008

I've mentioned before that I'm famous in Tahara. It's hard not to be when I see over 1,000 students in a month. Weekends are fun because my students freak out when they see me outside of school. Today, sitting at McDonald's, I saw no less than 15 students. It took them all a moment to recognize me without my glasses (contacts are weekend-only) but I got a big hello when they realized I really was Jennifer-sensei.

Five of my first-graders (think American seventh grade) showed off the only English they have really learned so far this year,(remembering that the school year here starts in April.) On the count of three they said together, "Are you Miss Jennifer?"

"Yes, I am!" I answered. Then we laughed and I asked them if they were playing badminton at the community center, having gleaned this information from an earlier student. "Yes, yes," they said.

I sometimes don't like my job because it's boring, especially on those days when I am a stand-in for the cd player, but it's nice to know that my students, some of them anyway, are excited to see me.

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