Sunday, October 26, 2008


There was another festival in Tahara today. This morning in front of the library they had a parade that I didn't see because I stayed in bed all morning but I could hear it as it went by my apartment. When I did finally drag myself out of bed and over there, we found lots of food stalls, games, and a stage where they had a Power Rangers show and later some taiko drummers. Naturally, I preferred the drummers.

Unfortunately, it was spitting rain so I went inside only to be ambushed by members of the local International Association who threw a hoppi on me and put me behind their table where I helped them sell "Kentucky goods" for awhile. They had some Georgetown College stuff (my alma mater) along with some postcards and randomly a few boxes of raisins. It wasn't so bad though because one of the ladies from choir spotted me and gave me 1,000 yen worth of coupons for free food! I shared them with Vanessa (one of the other ALTs who lives next to me) and then we had some coffee before coming home (slyly avoiding the TIA members in case they tried to put us to work again.)

When I went to the gym tonight, I saw that the festival had moved from the library to the main drag through town. The main attraction was dancing. They played one song over the speakers and groups of dancers, maybe ten or fifteen, down the whole length of the street did different choreographed dances.

When I left the gym about an hour later they were all doing the same dance in what was the largest line/fan dance I have ever seen. I watched over three or four hundred people doing the same dance for three or four songs. All of the dancers from before in their costumes were dancing and then regular people were joining in as well. I'm going to ask around to find out how everyone knew the moves. Maybe I can learn them and join in next year!

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