Thursday, January 10, 2008


So far in Japanese I can introduce myself, exclaim that it's cold, and talk about food. Yesterday I had my longest conversation in Japanese to date with a fifth grader.

Me: What's this?

Girl #1: Dried fish parts. (Ok so that's not the real name but that's what it was. Seriously.)

Me: Dried fish parts?

Girl #1: Dried fish parts.

Me: Are they delicious?

(Girl ducks her head)

Me: Do you like them?

Girl #1: No, I don't like them. (turns to another girl) Do you like them?

Girl #2: Yes, I like them.

Me: Are they delicious?

Girl #2: (shrugs shoulders) They're okay.

And she was right. They were just okay, which is pretty good when you consider that they were dried fish parts.

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