Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pharmacy Adventures

And no I don't mean here in Japan, although I've had some of those already, but back home in Ohio, where my poor mother has run into some trouble trying to get me the prescription drugs that I need. She sent me the email below today because it was so funny over the phone that I told she had to write it down.

I went to the pharmacy yesterday to get a prescription of birth control pills (for cramps dont ya know) for Jennifer, who's in Japan. I give the script to the pharmacy tech ( whom I'll refer to as smart pharm tech) and give her Jen's info. I tell her I'll wait. They call me up to the counter a few minutes later and ask for "the" insurance card. I tell them, no insurance card, she's in Japan. Ok, so pharm tech no. 2 (whom I'll refer to as dumb pharm tech) calls insurance co. and finds out there is no coverage. OOPS sorry I forgot to mention that. Anyway dumb pharm tech then informs me they can't fill the RX because there's no insurance. WOW I didn't know that millions of American's across the country can't get RX meds because they dont have insurance. I tell dumb pharm tech, I'm planning to PAY for the meds, and she just looks at me like I'm crazy and says OK.

The cashier, guy from Africa, looking very confused rings up the purchase for 33.37. Now I'm confused, because I'm sure 10 months of BCP's is going to cost alot more than that. I then ask African guy how many packs of pills are in the bag. He says well just one. I ask about refills?????? He informs me no refills. Now I'm really confused. I explain the original Rx was for 10 packs and I need all of them to send to Japan, because Jen can't get them there. Then the pharmacist gets involved and is explaining to her staff WHY my daughter can't get her Rx in Japan.

Then smart pharm tech yells at dumb pharm tech, stating that she put it in the system for all 10, and why did she only give me one. To which dumb pharm tech answers, because that's all the insurance co. will cover. OH MY GOSH!!! I'm getting frustrated, the African guy is really confused, and all I want to do is pay for 10 months supply of BCP, which I will ship to Japan, because my daughter can't get them there. Smart pharm tech finally gets this. African guy cashier finally gets this. Pharmacist finally gets this. I think even dumb pharm tech finally gets this. Good, so now we're all on the same page, Yeah!

It was then that smart pharm tech drops the bomb. Oh yes, by the way, we can't fill the Rx, because we don't have 10 packs available. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Can you come back
tomorrow when we get our shipment delivered?

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