Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Cancelled Plans

Protesters in Thailand have forced both commercial airports to close in an attempt to force the prime minister to resign. I don't usually follow Thai politics except that I have a trip planned to Bangkok and Koh Chang during the winter vacation. I wasn't worried last month when it was just some protests outside the government offices, but now that the airports are closed and there has been reports of violence (40 people injured and around 3 dead) me and my friend Marie have decided to cancel the trip with the hope of going next year. If we cancel by Thursday then we can get a full refund for the plane tickets. I still have to cancel the hostels and the domestic flight we have with Bangkok Air but I don't think we'll be out more than about $60.

So since Thailand is off I think I'm going home for Christmas. I already had money budgeted for a big trip and there are still tickets for about $1600, which is roughly what I paid this summer. And if I really feel like it I could probably convince my parents to pay part of that. Especially since they are off the hook for visiting me in Asia this year if I come home for the holidays. I've been trying to convince them to come and meet me in Beijing since they've felt like they've already seen Japan. Mom is crazy about that idea but Dad is the one who controls the finances so it was looking like it might not happen. The Best Friend though told me in Hong Kong that her trade show next year will be in Beijing so maybe we'll do a repeat of this year and I will meet up with her and we can tour some more of China.

I still really want to visit Thailand though. so I think I'll go next winter with Marie providing that the protesters have sorted themselves out in a year's time. Surely by then, right? And the two of us hope to visit Shizuoka for a weekend trip sometime in February to make up for our cancelled trip this year. I want to sit in an onsen and look at Mt. Fuji. And eat sushi made by Marie's brother who is a sushi chef.

Yeah, so those are my travel plans for the next year or so. If I don't go to Beijing for spring break I'll have to find somewhere else. I was thinking maybe Korea during Golden Week since it's so close. Maybe Indonesia? Any suggestions? I took this job so that I could travel, travel, and travel some more and that's what I intend to do!

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