Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ho, ho, ho!

The second grade teacher at Tobu-chu likes to dress Nathan and me up. First it was witch hats at Halloween, then it was a doctor's lab coat and a Hello Kitty stethoscope, but this week took the cake. Who knew that the 100 yen shop sold full Santa outfits? Well they do and they are made completely out of felt and what appears to be cat hair. A rolled up t-shirt under the jacket and the look is complete - Ghetto Santa. He's just in time to teach the students some Christmas vocab and help them make some Engrish Christmas cards!

Luckily, I didn't have to wear the nasty itchy beard five times this week but I did feel sorry for Nathan. The worst part was he kept having to change because we would have a second grade class followed by a third grade followed by a second grade class followed by lunch and then another second grade class. He changed in and out of that costume today four times!

Evil Rumi-sensei likes to dress us up. Where's her elf costume, huh???

The students enjoyed it. We made them say good morning and goodbye Mr. Santa during the greetings.

Nathan reviews some truly horrible Christmas greetings for their Christmas cards. Happy Merry Christmas to you!

ALT no sensei Mr. and Mrs. Claus

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