Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Am going to Vietnam for Spring Break

For the record...getting a visa to Vietnam is a very confusing endeavor. Best I can figure is I either have to go in person to apply, pay some internet company to arrange one for me, or pay even more to let the travel agent to do it. And I don't really trust my travel agent to do it since Japan is exempt from needing a visa to Vietnam. I think I have found a legit company to process a visa on arrival for me but only after much searching and squinting my eyes to figure out that was the best way because otherwise it means a trip to the consulate in Tokyo or Osaka.

Oh and the tour I wanted isn't available at the moment. So I have to scramble around and look for another one or hope that a group I can join signs up. I think I might go ahead and book the hotel for the full trip and then cancel off the days I end up on a tour. If I end up on a tour. More research is clearly needed.

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