Friday, February 13, 2009

National Foundation Day

Wednesday was a national holiday here in Japan, which meant no school. If it hadn't been right in the middle of the week I might have tried to take some nyenkyuu and gone somewhere but this way I just planned on lazing around. But then the weather was so beautiful, Nathan and I decided to get out. We hiked up Mt. Zao, disrespected a Buddhist stature, climbed a tree, checked out some peacocks, and did NOT see Mt. Fuiji, although Nathan showed me where I could see it if I ever wake up early enough and get up there before it gets too hazy. After, I came home and tried out my new nabe pot (I'll do another separate post related to that.) It was a good day.

Don't do this...unless you're absolutely sure no one else is around.




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  1. Climbing onto the statue was kind of disrespectful, don't you think?