Monday, February 23, 2009


I can now say that I have eaten one of the deadliest meals on earth and come out alive. That's right, I've had fugu - the puffer fish which if not prepared correctly can poison you, paralyzing your muscles until you asphyxiate and die.

Surprisingly, I wasn't too nervous eating it because my friends Marie and Ali both assured me it was safe, although Ali recounted the Simpsons episode where Homer eats some fugu sushi and is told he will die. That really put me at ease! But then I thought if a yellow man cartoon can survive eating fugu then surely so can I.

We ordered fugu nabe. They brought out a hot pot and a side of veggies with the fish. We dumped them in the pot and once everything was cooked, we dished it out, dipped it in some sauce, and popped it in our mouths. It tasted like....wait for it...wait for And bony fish at that. Now that I've tried it I'm not sure I'll order it again. I wasn't impressed by the taste that much. When it comes to fish I think I will stick with the old standbys of tuna and salmon thank you very much.

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