Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tahara Festival

I'm about a month behind on posting. The Tahara Festival took place at the end of September while Kristin was here visiting.

We woke up to fireworks going off at 6am. At Tahara Castle we were kidnapped and forced to drink beer with ten old men at 10:30 in the morning and then invited to sit in VIP seating for the Buddhist ceremony at the temple the next day (which sadly we could not make.) We watched floats go by on our way out to Long Beach and again when we returned. And again the next day when we headed to Takigashira to hike. Sunday night I dragged her along to a City Hall function where she got to see me introduce myself in shamefully bad Japanese to a room full of drunken bureaucrats and then we watched as fathers put their lives in the hands of their sons, draped over live fireworks. We ended the weekend with fireworks and what Kristin loves best - karaoke.

Keely and Jovan came to stay too and we occasionally crossed their paths at breakfast and bedtime while they tried to say their goodbyes to their Tahara friends since they go back to N. America this month. It was a really great weekend.

Check out the random white guy from Cincinnati pulling this float. It is really is a small world after all.

Everyone helps out young and old.

Two floats come together.

Some of my students carry flags.

My students were so excited to see me. Aren't they cute?

Taking a short break.

All three in front of Centfaire.

A smaller handmade float later in the afternoon with some dancing women.


I love these little girls with their hair and makeup all done up.

Regular fireworks.

Crazy fireworks. The father drapes himself over the pipe firework while the son waves a flaming stick around. Then once dad is out of the way they light it. Awesome!

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  1. Random guy from Cinci, did you get to talk to him? What was he doing in Taharah?