Wednesday, October 7, 2009


It's been raining since Monday afternoon although the typhoon isn't supposed to really hit until tomorrow. That didn't mean that my commute to school by bike wasn't absolutely sodding miserable though. The bus schedule changed a few months ago and I can no longer take the bus to this school so I was left with no choice but to climb on my chari and go. Despite the rain coat and rain pants I was wearing I still showed up soggy (although without them I would have been drenched.) It was horrible, but luckily one of the English teachers loaned me some dry clothes.

The day didn't get better really when I found out I had five classes, four of which consisted of grading speech tests. I listened to 150 horrible speeches about their summer vacations. Things finally looked up when they told me speech contest practice was canceled and because I only have one class tomorrow and school is likely to be canceled anyway, I should just not come tomorrow. One of the teachers drove me home and since I left my bike at school I will take the bus to school on Friday. It doesn't get there until 10:15 but she said since I didn't have a class until 3rd period that that was okay.

So in review...had a bad morning but I came home early, don't have to work tomorrow, and can come in late on Friday. Awesome!

I'm still deciding whether to go to the gym tonight or just hang out in my pajamas watching TV and eating Kit Kats.

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